Ad campaign bootcamp #1

Ad campaign bootcamp #1

This is meant as a cheat sheet of the most referenced ads in the industry for students or anyone looking to study up.

Older classics

Apple “1984”
Apple “Think Different”
VW “Snow Plow”
VW “Funeral”
VW Think Small - The Advertising Campaign to Remember - HIP Creative
VW Think Small - The Advertising Campaign to Remember One of the best print ad campaigns of all time, was the Volkswagen, Think Small campaign. Doyle Dane Bernbach agency(DDB) launched this bold campaign that
VW “Think Small”
Xbox “Champagne”
Got Milk? How the iconic campaign came to be, 25 years ago
It’s been a quarter century since those two little words entered public consciousness. Here’s the story of one of the most famous ad campaigns in history.
Got Milk “Heaven or Hell”
Guinness “Surfer”
Guinness “Swimmer”
Guinness “Tipping Point”
Stella Artois ‘Last Orders’
Stella Artois “Last Orders”
Stella Artois “Ice Skating Priests”
Levi’s “Creek”
Levi’s “Laundrette”
Coca-Cola “Hilltop”
Monster “When I Grow Up”
FedEx “Fast Talker”
Budweiser “Frogs”
Budweiser “Lizards”
21 of the most clever Absolut vodka print ads
Thanks to its ads, Absolut went from a niche brand to the most heavily advertised liquor in the world.
Absolut “Absolut _____”
Nike “Tag”
Nike ‘Parklife’
Nike “Parklife”
Nike “If You Let Me Play”
Michael Jordan “Wings” Poster - Nike, Inc. - Google Arts & Culture
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising Format: Posters, Promotion Design firm: Nike, Inc. Art director/designer: Ron Dumas Photographer: Gary Nolto...
Nike “Wings”
Iconic Sports Commercials: Tiger Woods’ ‘Hacky Sack’
Remember when Tiger Woods juggled a golf ball on his club? This is the story of how Nike turned some impromptu footage into an iconic commercial.
Nike Golf “Hacky Sack”
Gatorade “Be Like Mike”
The Michael Jackson Ads That Made Former Pepsi CEO Roger Enrico A Marketing Legend
Enrico, who passed away on June 1, created “the choice of a new generation” and modern pop culture marketing.
Pepsi “Pepsi Generation”
Pepsi “Pepsi Generation”: Michael Jackson
Pepsi “Your Cheatin’ Heart”
McDonald’s “The Showdown”

Chanel No. 5 “Share the Fantasy”

Hamlet Cigars “Photobooth”

Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?”
Playstation “Double Life”

The Economist print ads

Avis “We Try Harder”

Jack in the Box “Jack’s Back”